Tuesday, September 21, 2010

#13 Fairforest - School Year 1935 / 1936 - Class Photo for Grade 7

 I found a couple of group class photos and have been trying to decipher the names written on the back. The problem was that my mother, Betty Hadden Garrett, had glued the photos to a page in an old photo album. Thankfully the glue was not applied to the entire back of the photo, but there were some names hidden beneath the remaining glue/paper spots. Even after careful work to try to remove as much paper as possible, there are still a few names that remain hidden. Perhaps someone will see these photos, recognize the unidentified individuals, and let me know the person's name.

Here is the first group photo I found. On the back of this photo, Betty Hadden Garrett identified it as being her 7th grade class which was during the school year of 1935/36.

(click photo for larger image)

Here is the information from the back of photo:

Grade 7 year of 1935-36

Front row from left to right: 

Dot Falls
Margaret Dickson
Hazel Fann
Mary Warnock
Virginia Hyder
_______ Horton (female)
Fay Bearden
Betty Foster
Bill Martin
Jack Kanipe

Second row from left to right:

Jack Key
James Wingo
Lula Taylor
Norma Alexander
Betty Crosby
Betty Hadden
George Hughston
Do____  ____ton (male)

Back row from left to right:

S C Crosby
Miss Grace Goodwin (teacher)
Ashley Hadden
Harold ________  (male)
Jack King

For some reason two people were listed as if they were on the back row, but each had NOT PICTURED by their names. Perhaps they were in this class, but not present when the group photo was made. These two individuals are Emily Bryant and John Logue.

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