Thursday, September 23, 2010

#14 Fairforest - School Year 1938 - 1939 ? - Class Photo


This is the second Fairforest High group class photo I recently found. As I said in my previous post, I spent some time trying to decipher the names written on the back. My mother, Betty Hadden Garrett, had glued the photos to a page in an old photo album. Even after careful work to try to remove as much paper as possible, there are still a few names that remained partially hidden. There was enough writing visible to determine everyone's name in this particular photo. 

The main problem with this class photo is that there is no date or grade number on the back. My mother appears to be older in this photo, but not as mature as she was in her Senior year ( 1939 - 1940 ). However, I have an individual school picture of my mother which is dated 1938. 


In this photo, Betty Hadden's appearance is very similar to how she appears in the group photo. So, I think that this group photo might be for Mother's 10th grade class, her Junior Class, at Fairforest High School, which would have been during the school year 1938 - 1939.

 ( click photo for larger image)

Written on the photo back are these names:

Front Row Left to Right: 
Miss Schoenberg (Teacher)
Irene Cannon
Emilie Belcher
Madge Cooke
Mable Smith
Martha Ruth Smith
Mary Warnock
Doris Garren
Fay Bearden

Second Row Left to Right: 

Sara Suber
Dorothy Tollison
Dorothy James
Helen Phillips
Mozelle Wofford
Helen Blalock
Nelleen Pruitt
Alberta Miller
Ruth Smith

Third Row Left to Right: 

Myrtle Byars
Hazel Fann
Rebecca Gillespie
Nina Williams
Aline Graham
Sara Plexico
Frances Rogers

Fourth Row Left to Right: 

Betty Hadden
Della Mae Morgan
Jessie thompson
Helen Cheatwood
Helen Parham

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