Thursday, August 5, 2010

#8 - Forest Views - Athletics - 1940

The Athletics section of the 1940 Fairforest High yearbook Forest Views has only four pages. The first page has only two printed team pictures. The top picture is of the Fairforest High boy's basketball team and the bottom picture is the Fairforest football team. Under each picture is printed the team members' names by row.

Below is each picture from the above page and I will put the student names below each picture for easier reading.

Front Row: Ned Crow, Buddy Westbrook, Jack Key, Ryan Mobley, Delmas Wallace, Melvin Welch
Back Row: Coach Rex Williams, Bill Martin, Robert Miller, Macon Byce, James Wingo, Earl Mink, Manager Clarence Padgett

Front Row: Preston Medlock, Warren Justice, Earl Mink, Ned Crow, Buddy Westbrook
Second Row: Robert Miller, Clarence Padgett, Macon Byce, Bill Martin, Lamar Crawford
Third Row: Coach Rex Williams, Bill Hope, Ryan Mobley, Steve Worley, Manager Raymond Matthews

The next page has two tiny pasted in team pictures. The top picture is the Fairforest boy's baseball team and the bottom picture is the Fairforest girl's basketball team. Sadly, there is no name listing for either of these teams.

Here is a closer look at the two pictures from the above page.

(click on picture to enlarge)

(click on picture to enlarge)

Next we have a page with the 1940 Fairforest Basketball Schedule and the County Tournament results.

The last page in the Athletics section of Forest Views contains the 1940 school year Football Schedule and the 1940 Baseball Schedule for the Fairforest teams.

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