Thursday, August 5, 2010

#9 - Forest Views - Activities - 1940

The Activities section of Forest Views is sorely lacking. It appears the only real activities were the Fairforest Junior Homemakers and the Future Farmers of America clubs. Not much to choose from in 1940. Below are the group pictures of these two school clubs.

Here is a closer look at each picture from the above page. Below each picture, I will put the students names for easier reading. Note that in the picture the name listing begins with "Front Row", however there is no other row listed, only the students names. When transcribing the names below this picture, I omitted "Front Row".

Anne Ruth Blackwell, Myrtle Hope, Jane Walden, Betty Crosby, Kathleen Chumley, Jennie Hughes, Mae Green, Elizabeth Brown, Ann Bridgeman, Peggy McClellan, Juanita Morrow, Bernice Brady, Virginia Hyder, Marie Fisher, Margaret Dixon, Mary Carolyn Ezell, Mary Martin, Dot Falls, Betty Foster, Lois Aycock, Climera Brookshire, Marion Terrell, Mary Davis, Helen Coble, Sue Mae Franks, Margaret Justice.

Front Row: Ned Crow, Preston Medlock, Warren Justice, Mr. Garrison, Clarence Padgett, Robert Charles, Bill Hope
Second Row: Delmas Wallace, Jamse [sic] Coble (should be James Coble), S. C. Crosby, William Green, Joe Sams, Melvin Welch
Third Row: Don Suttles, Baron Smith, Boyd Fowler

The second page in the Activities section of Forest Views contains a collage of small pictures representing student activities and Fairforest High School itself.

The final page in the Activities section of the yearbook is for Autographs of your fellow students.

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