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#11 - Fairforest Class of 1940 Fiftieth Reunion

Tucked away inside Betty Hadden Garrett's 1940 Forest Views was a group picture of the attendees at the 50th Reunion of the Fairforest High Class of 1940. My Mama did not go to this reunion and I do not know why. I am sure she would have liked to attend. Somehow, she did get the group photo and a copy of the typed and hand made program.

The 50th Class Reunion was held at the Piedmont Club in Spartanburg, SC, on June 9, 1990.

After a short time to get acquainted, prayer was offered by Betty Hart. The emcee for the night was Jack Key. There was a "Welcome" followed by a "Memorial for Deceased Members" by Jack Key and Helen Jordan; "Highlights" by Each Member; "A Different World" by Betty Hart; and "Awards" by Norma Mason. At the program end was the Fairforest school song, "Hail to thee, our Alma Mater, Hail, Fairforest, Hail!"

The Dinner Menu: French Onion Soup - Tossed Salad, Choice of Dressing - Boneless Breast of Chicken Cordon, Supreme Sauce - Tiny Whole Potatoes with Parsley - Broccoli and Carrots - Fruit Dish with Ice Cream - Bread - Tea or Coffee.

As previously mentioned, there was a memorial for deceased class members in the program. The booklet given to attendees also had a list of the deceased class members.

Deceased Fairforest Class Members:

BEFORE the 25th Reunion (1965):  

Lewis Cain
Frances Brown

BEFORE the 50th Reunion (1990):

Rachel Gillespie
Helen Phillips
Steve Worley
Ruth Smith
Nelleen Pruitt
Ruth Greer
Nina Williams
Ethel Bridgeman
James L. Pack
Marie Fisher
Louise Dunn
Aline Graham
C. O . Rogers
Buddy Westbrook
Mae Green

Also listed were two Class Members who could not be located. They were Loreana Moore and Ellen (Cannon) Howser.

The final five pages in the tiny program booklet contained the names of all the surviving 1940 Fairforest Class Members, along with their addresses and phone numbers. Alongside 16 of these names was a blue check mark. After looking at the group picture of the Reunion attendees, I realized that there were 16 people in that group picture who probably were the same people who had a check mark beside their name in the booklet. I don't know, however, who is who in the picture. Below is the group picture. Beneath the picture I will list the 16 names checked in the program's Class Members list. Maybe someone who sees this will be able to match a name and a person and kindly notify me.

The 16 Class Members whose names were checked on the program's list are:

Rachel Hurley Kerns - Greenville, SC
Margaret Justice Rucker - St. Matthews, SC
Alma Profitt Gault - Inman, SC
Mary Warnock Rodgers, Dallas, TX
Jimmy Bennett - Spartanburg, SC
Thomas Haynes - Spartanburg, SC
Frances Rogers Eubanks - Fairforest, SC
Juanita Morrow Alverson - Spartanburg, SC
George Hughston - Fairforest, SC
Doris Garren Painter - Spartanburg, SC
Bill Martin - Greenville, SC
Jack Key - Glendale, SC
Helen Parham Jordan - Spartanburg, SC
Betty Crosby Hart - Spartanburg, SC
S. C. Crosby - Andersonville, SC

Other Surviving Class Members Listed:

Cora Waltrip Stallings - Rutherfordton, NC
Merle Livingston Hancock - Eutawville, SC
Helen Cheatwood Chandler - Spartanburg, SC
Betty Hadden Garrett - Taylors, SC
Betty Foster Goldie - Columbia, SC
Effie Rhoden Maynor - Inman, SC
Jennie Hughes West - Startex, SC
Virginia Hyder Corn - Spartanaburg, SC
Frank Morrow - Spartanburg, SC
Dorothy Falls Finch - Charlotte, NC
James W. Wingo - Greenville, SC
Dorothy Tollison Williams - Greenville, SC
Kate Wood Miller - Moore, SC
Lamar Crawford - Mesa, AZ
Glenn Holland - Weaverville, NC
Della Mae Morgan - Spartanburg, SC
Margaret Dickerson Flynn - Spartanburg, SC
Margaret Morgan Bell - W. Asheville, NC
Martha Ruth Smith Sherbert - Spartanburg, SC

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