Thursday, September 23, 2010

#14 Fairforest - School Year 1938 - 1939 ? - Class Photo


This is the second Fairforest High group class photo I recently found. As I said in my previous post, I spent some time trying to decipher the names written on the back. My mother, Betty Hadden Garrett, had glued the photos to a page in an old photo album. Even after careful work to try to remove as much paper as possible, there are still a few names that remained partially hidden. There was enough writing visible to determine everyone's name in this particular photo. 

The main problem with this class photo is that there is no date or grade number on the back. My mother appears to be older in this photo, but not as mature as she was in her Senior year ( 1939 - 1940 ). However, I have an individual school picture of my mother which is dated 1938. 


In this photo, Betty Hadden's appearance is very similar to how she appears in the group photo. So, I think that this group photo might be for Mother's 10th grade class, her Junior Class, at Fairforest High School, which would have been during the school year 1938 - 1939.

 ( click photo for larger image)

Written on the photo back are these names:

Front Row Left to Right: 
Miss Schoenberg (Teacher)
Irene Cannon
Emilie Belcher
Madge Cooke
Mable Smith
Martha Ruth Smith
Mary Warnock
Doris Garren
Fay Bearden

Second Row Left to Right: 

Sara Suber
Dorothy Tollison
Dorothy James
Helen Phillips
Mozelle Wofford
Helen Blalock
Nelleen Pruitt
Alberta Miller
Ruth Smith

Third Row Left to Right: 

Myrtle Byars
Hazel Fann
Rebecca Gillespie
Nina Williams
Aline Graham
Sara Plexico
Frances Rogers

Fourth Row Left to Right: 

Betty Hadden
Della Mae Morgan
Jessie thompson
Helen Cheatwood
Helen Parham

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

#13 Fairforest - School Year 1935 / 1936 - Class Photo for Grade 7

 I found a couple of group class photos and have been trying to decipher the names written on the back. The problem was that my mother, Betty Hadden Garrett, had glued the photos to a page in an old photo album. Thankfully the glue was not applied to the entire back of the photo, but there were some names hidden beneath the remaining glue/paper spots. Even after careful work to try to remove as much paper as possible, there are still a few names that remain hidden. Perhaps someone will see these photos, recognize the unidentified individuals, and let me know the person's name.

Here is the first group photo I found. On the back of this photo, Betty Hadden Garrett identified it as being her 7th grade class which was during the school year of 1935/36.

(click photo for larger image)

Here is the information from the back of photo:

Grade 7 year of 1935-36

Front row from left to right: 

Dot Falls
Margaret Dickson
Hazel Fann
Mary Warnock
Virginia Hyder
_______ Horton (female)
Fay Bearden
Betty Foster
Bill Martin
Jack Kanipe

Second row from left to right:

Jack Key
James Wingo
Lula Taylor
Norma Alexander
Betty Crosby
Betty Hadden
George Hughston
Do____  ____ton (male)

Back row from left to right:

S C Crosby
Miss Grace Goodwin (teacher)
Ashley Hadden
Harold ________  (male)
Jack King

For some reason two people were listed as if they were on the back row, but each had NOT PICTURED by their names. Perhaps they were in this class, but not present when the group photo was made. These two individuals are Emily Bryant and John Logue.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

#12 Fairforest High - Class of 1940 - Trip to Washington, DC

In going through one of my mother's (Betty Hadden Garrett) scrapbooks, I found a large photo of the 1940 Fairforest High School graduating class which was taken on June 11, 1940, during their trip to Washington, D.C. Also I remembered a bit of trivia about the photograph. You will notice that the same man, Mr. O. F. Funderburk, is standing at the end on BOTH sides of this picture. This photo was taken with some type of camera that panned from side to side. Mr. Funderburk was told when it was safe to duck down and go behind the group and pose on the opposite end, thus being photographed twice.

(click on the picture to view larger)

Luckily, on the back of the picture, everyone's name was listed by row.
Front Row L-R:  Loyal Westbrook, James Wingo, C. O. Rogers, Jimmy Bennett, J. L. Pack, Lamar Crawford, S. C. Crosby

Second Row L-R:  Betty Crosby, Ethel Bridgeman Norma Alexander, Frances Brown, Martha Ruth Smith, Ruth Greer, Nelleen Pruitt, Ruth Smith, Helen Parham, Clara Medlock, Margaret Morgan

Third Row L-R:  O. F. Funderburk, Dorothy Falls, Frances Crosby (chaperone), Margaret Dickson, Mary Warnock, Betty Hadden, Della Mae Morgan, Rebecca Gillespie, Betty Foster, Rep. Joseph R. Bryson, Dorothy Tollison, Miss Ellen Critcher (Senior Teacher), C. F. Carter (chaperone), W. F. Mobley (Principal), Norman Simmons (bus driver), Frances Smith (Librarian), Leila Brown (English Teacher), Margaret Justice, and (again) O. F. Funderburk

Friday, August 6, 2010

#11 - Fairforest Class of 1940 Fiftieth Reunion

Tucked away inside Betty Hadden Garrett's 1940 Forest Views was a group picture of the attendees at the 50th Reunion of the Fairforest High Class of 1940. My Mama did not go to this reunion and I do not know why. I am sure she would have liked to attend. Somehow, she did get the group photo and a copy of the typed and hand made program.

The 50th Class Reunion was held at the Piedmont Club in Spartanburg, SC, on June 9, 1990.

After a short time to get acquainted, prayer was offered by Betty Hart. The emcee for the night was Jack Key. There was a "Welcome" followed by a "Memorial for Deceased Members" by Jack Key and Helen Jordan; "Highlights" by Each Member; "A Different World" by Betty Hart; and "Awards" by Norma Mason. At the program end was the Fairforest school song, "Hail to thee, our Alma Mater, Hail, Fairforest, Hail!"

The Dinner Menu: French Onion Soup - Tossed Salad, Choice of Dressing - Boneless Breast of Chicken Cordon, Supreme Sauce - Tiny Whole Potatoes with Parsley - Broccoli and Carrots - Fruit Dish with Ice Cream - Bread - Tea or Coffee.

As previously mentioned, there was a memorial for deceased class members in the program. The booklet given to attendees also had a list of the deceased class members.

Deceased Fairforest Class Members:

BEFORE the 25th Reunion (1965):  

Lewis Cain
Frances Brown

BEFORE the 50th Reunion (1990):

Rachel Gillespie
Helen Phillips
Steve Worley
Ruth Smith
Nelleen Pruitt
Ruth Greer
Nina Williams
Ethel Bridgeman
James L. Pack
Marie Fisher
Louise Dunn
Aline Graham
C. O . Rogers
Buddy Westbrook
Mae Green

Also listed were two Class Members who could not be located. They were Loreana Moore and Ellen (Cannon) Howser.

The final five pages in the tiny program booklet contained the names of all the surviving 1940 Fairforest Class Members, along with their addresses and phone numbers. Alongside 16 of these names was a blue check mark. After looking at the group picture of the Reunion attendees, I realized that there were 16 people in that group picture who probably were the same people who had a check mark beside their name in the booklet. I don't know, however, who is who in the picture. Below is the group picture. Beneath the picture I will list the 16 names checked in the program's Class Members list. Maybe someone who sees this will be able to match a name and a person and kindly notify me.

The 16 Class Members whose names were checked on the program's list are:

Rachel Hurley Kerns - Greenville, SC
Margaret Justice Rucker - St. Matthews, SC
Alma Profitt Gault - Inman, SC
Mary Warnock Rodgers, Dallas, TX
Jimmy Bennett - Spartanburg, SC
Thomas Haynes - Spartanburg, SC
Frances Rogers Eubanks - Fairforest, SC
Juanita Morrow Alverson - Spartanburg, SC
George Hughston - Fairforest, SC
Doris Garren Painter - Spartanburg, SC
Bill Martin - Greenville, SC
Jack Key - Glendale, SC
Helen Parham Jordan - Spartanburg, SC
Betty Crosby Hart - Spartanburg, SC
S. C. Crosby - Andersonville, SC

Other Surviving Class Members Listed:

Cora Waltrip Stallings - Rutherfordton, NC
Merle Livingston Hancock - Eutawville, SC
Helen Cheatwood Chandler - Spartanburg, SC
Betty Hadden Garrett - Taylors, SC
Betty Foster Goldie - Columbia, SC
Effie Rhoden Maynor - Inman, SC
Jennie Hughes West - Startex, SC
Virginia Hyder Corn - Spartanaburg, SC
Frank Morrow - Spartanburg, SC
Dorothy Falls Finch - Charlotte, NC
James W. Wingo - Greenville, SC
Dorothy Tollison Williams - Greenville, SC
Kate Wood Miller - Moore, SC
Lamar Crawford - Mesa, AZ
Glenn Holland - Weaverville, NC
Della Mae Morgan - Spartanburg, SC
Margaret Dickerson Flynn - Spartanburg, SC
Margaret Morgan Bell - W. Asheville, NC
Martha Ruth Smith Sherbert - Spartanburg, SC

Thursday, August 5, 2010

#10 - Forest Views - Advertising Pages - 1940

There isn't much to be said about the Advertising section of the Fairforest Forest Views yearbook. It is interesting, though,  to see what businesses were around the Spartanburg area in 1940.

#9 - Forest Views - Activities - 1940

The Activities section of Forest Views is sorely lacking. It appears the only real activities were the Fairforest Junior Homemakers and the Future Farmers of America clubs. Not much to choose from in 1940. Below are the group pictures of these two school clubs.

Here is a closer look at each picture from the above page. Below each picture, I will put the students names for easier reading. Note that in the picture the name listing begins with "Front Row", however there is no other row listed, only the students names. When transcribing the names below this picture, I omitted "Front Row".

Anne Ruth Blackwell, Myrtle Hope, Jane Walden, Betty Crosby, Kathleen Chumley, Jennie Hughes, Mae Green, Elizabeth Brown, Ann Bridgeman, Peggy McClellan, Juanita Morrow, Bernice Brady, Virginia Hyder, Marie Fisher, Margaret Dixon, Mary Carolyn Ezell, Mary Martin, Dot Falls, Betty Foster, Lois Aycock, Climera Brookshire, Marion Terrell, Mary Davis, Helen Coble, Sue Mae Franks, Margaret Justice.

Front Row: Ned Crow, Preston Medlock, Warren Justice, Mr. Garrison, Clarence Padgett, Robert Charles, Bill Hope
Second Row: Delmas Wallace, Jamse [sic] Coble (should be James Coble), S. C. Crosby, William Green, Joe Sams, Melvin Welch
Third Row: Don Suttles, Baron Smith, Boyd Fowler

The second page in the Activities section of Forest Views contains a collage of small pictures representing student activities and Fairforest High School itself.

The final page in the Activities section of the yearbook is for Autographs of your fellow students.

#8 - Forest Views - Athletics - 1940

The Athletics section of the 1940 Fairforest High yearbook Forest Views has only four pages. The first page has only two printed team pictures. The top picture is of the Fairforest High boy's basketball team and the bottom picture is the Fairforest football team. Under each picture is printed the team members' names by row.

Below is each picture from the above page and I will put the student names below each picture for easier reading.

Front Row: Ned Crow, Buddy Westbrook, Jack Key, Ryan Mobley, Delmas Wallace, Melvin Welch
Back Row: Coach Rex Williams, Bill Martin, Robert Miller, Macon Byce, James Wingo, Earl Mink, Manager Clarence Padgett

Front Row: Preston Medlock, Warren Justice, Earl Mink, Ned Crow, Buddy Westbrook
Second Row: Robert Miller, Clarence Padgett, Macon Byce, Bill Martin, Lamar Crawford
Third Row: Coach Rex Williams, Bill Hope, Ryan Mobley, Steve Worley, Manager Raymond Matthews

The next page has two tiny pasted in team pictures. The top picture is the Fairforest boy's baseball team and the bottom picture is the Fairforest girl's basketball team. Sadly, there is no name listing for either of these teams.

Here is a closer look at the two pictures from the above page.

(click on picture to enlarge)

(click on picture to enlarge)

Next we have a page with the 1940 Fairforest Basketball Schedule and the County Tournament results.

The last page in the Athletics section of Forest Views contains the 1940 school year Football Schedule and the 1940 Baseball Schedule for the Fairforest teams.